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PXIe-1085 Boot Failure - 3 Blinking Red Lights

i'm trying to boot up a PXIe-1085 that has been sitting off for a couple years. After pressing the power button, all three fans in the back kick on and the Temperature, Fan and Power lights go green for a few seconds, then it aborts the power up and all three lights start flashing red.


Tried removing all the cards and had the same result.


The manual indicates an individual meaning for each light in the flashing red state, but i suspect all three lights blinking red could mean something else.


Has anyone encountered a boot failure where all status lights blink red?

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I have what sounds to be the same issue with a PXIe-1085 chassis.

I have searched on "PXIe-1085 blinking red lights" and found another topic:

Three Blinking Red LED's on PXI(e) Chassis - NI


The first topic mentioned is to update the chassis firmware.

Has anyone done this? How was it done?


I was able to locate and download the .bin file that is referenced.

The chassis manual does not provide any guidance.

Help NI ... Help!


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