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PXIe-1082 require calibration with PXIe-4154 and 4138


I am currently using a PXIe-1082 with two cards installed (PXIe-4154 and PXIe-4138). I have an extra set of PXIe-4154 and PXIe-4138 cards that I am sending out for calibration. I am of the understanding the PXIe-1082 does not require calibration as it does not have a recommended calibration interval in the specification. So my questions are the following.


  • Does the PXIe-1082 require calibration?
  • Does the exact PXIe-1082 used in my setup have to be used during calibration of the PXIe-4154 and PXIe-4138 cards?
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Hi Brownd56,


No PXIe chassis do not have calibration cycles and do not need calibrations.

No, your particular chassis does not need to be used during calibration. 


- Mitchell | NI

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