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PXIe-1073 Programmatically Power Off Chassis


I am looking for a way to programmatically turn off/shutdown a PXIe-1073 chassis that is connected to our host PC running windows 11.

Looking under Measurement I/O --> System Configuration Palette --> Hardware Management, it seems that there is a way to reset the chassis, but no way to shut down the chassis. Any ideas?


For our application, we use a backup power supply to keep our equipment running when power is lost. When this occurs, we would like to have our program shutdown the PXI followed by the host PC after the system has been on backup power for 30 minutes.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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The power supply to the chassis is controlled by the module in the system slot (slot 1). Are you using a PXIe controller or an MXI controller?


Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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Hi ZYOng,


We are using a PCIe-8361 MXI Express controller. 


Best regards,


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I am not aware of any methods to remotely power down a chassis. You can always keep a chassis running, even if the host is not running.

On the other hand, there are Power-Up Options for PXIe Chassis From PC With MXI Express, because the downstream chassis and modules should be running when the OS boots, or else the OS will crash.

There is a possibility of Remotely Powering on an NI PXI Chassis using remote inhibit but it is not supported in PXIe-1073.

Control Lead | Intelline Inc
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Thank you for the information. I was sort of expecting there not to be any methods to do so but was hoping I was wrong.


We are not really concerned about the power up sequence between the PXI chassis and host pc, because we have trained mfg. engineers on the proper booting process. Our concern stems from total power failure of our system (power goes out followed by backup power being drained entirely). When this occurs and after power has been fully restored some time later, we notice that the PXI typically has issues powering up. We've seen instances where the PXI chassis power LED flashes red and others where it remained red. Another issue we have seen is the loss of VISA resource names saved in MAX. We have been able to fix these issues, but they are a headache, and we would like to mitigate issues like these if possible. My assumption was the power-off sequence between the PXI chassis and host PC that occurs when power is lost is causing the issues. So, if we detect power loss, we could shutdown safely from our program.


Best regards,


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Hi JHall92,


I'd look more at ZYOng's Power-Up Options link. You can configure the PXIe-8360 to follow the PC's power. So when you turn on the PC the chassis will power up, and when you turn off the PC the chassis will power down. Or, when you power up the chassis, it will try to wake the PC. If successful, when you eventually shut down the PC, the chassis will also power down.


The one case that's a little weird is when you power up the chassis and it doesn't wake the PC. In that case it doesn't power off when you power down the PC. Powering it up separately essentially puts it back into manual mode until you turn it off again.


- Robert

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Forgive me, I am confused and have a few (potentially silly) questions:


1) The PXIe-8360 seems like it is used for PXI chassis that do not have an integrated MXI controller or for daisy chaining PXI chassis. The PXIe-1073 has an integrated MXI controller, would we even need this module?


2) Are the power-up options available through the link between the PCIe-8361 and the integrated MXI controller on the PXIe-1073?


3) If the PXIe-8360 is needed, do we now connect the PCIe-8361 to the PXIe-8360? No longer using the MXI-Express controller connector on the back of the chassis?


Any help is appreciated! 


Best regards,


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Oops, I was thinking of the PXIe-1071 with a PXIe-8360. Just replace my 8360 references with 1073 -- the PXIe-1073 essentially has the PXIe-8360 integrated, so the same things apply to the 1073. Short answers to your questions: 1. no PXIe-8360 needed, 2. yes, 3. NA


- Robert

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Thanks guys!


When I make it back to the office I will try the Power-Up options link provided by ZYOng.


Hopefully with this, I can detect the power outage and use a commmand prompt line to shutdown the PC (and PXI chassis) safely from our program before the backup supply is drained.


Best regards,


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