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PXIe-1071, PXIe-8133 problems with drivers



I am working with a PXIe-1071 chassis with PXIe-8133 embedded controller. I am trying to save some of its files to an external hard drive, but the hard drive's drivers fail to install, so the chassis never sees the hard drive. In the past, the chassis has failed to install drivers for a CD drive, a flash drive, and a mouse, possibly among others. But I am primarily concerned with the hard drive - I would welcome any possible explanations or advice.




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Hello Kevin,


I'm sorry to see that you are having these difficulties with your controller.

What OS are you using on the controller?  

Is this the OS that shipped with the controller?  

How long have you had the controller?  

Are you the only one who uses it?

Are you still unable to use a USB mouse?
When you plug in a USB device, does the "Found New Hardware" wizard start up in Windows (if you're using Windows)?

Are you logged in to the controller as an administrator?  Administrative rights are often required for driver installation.

Can you use a USB-thumb drive on the controller?

When you say that the drivers fail to install, what happens?  Do you get an error message, or do the installers run to completion, but the devices are not useable?

What kind of external drive are you unable to use?


These questions will help us focus the troubleshooting that may follow.


Best regards,

Matthew H.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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