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PXIe-1062Q cant define in ni max


i have a project for ore sorting with air ejection. air ejection have 241pneumatic solenoid valves. when i want to define 1062q chasiss it not in the list. i install pxi platform servise v17 but i cant define 1062q still. my chasiss have 5 pxi 6512 card. any body can help me to control this valve? i dont have any data about ni daq controlling


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Good afternoon rambo69,


How are you connecting to your PXIe-1062Q? Does your chassis have an embedded controller or are you utilizing a host computer and MXI module?


If you are using a MXI PXI system, the PXIe Chassis must be turned on before the host computer is turned on in order to see the hardware in MAX. Here is some documentation that explains the setup steps in more detail.


Best regards,

Ryan B.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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hi brinkhobre my devise is conected with 8370 remo controller to pc and my chasiss is turn on but in max devide cant define and chose

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