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PXIe-1062 chassis unidentified

Good day,


I am trying to connect the PXIe-1062Q to my PC (PCIe-8361)  using PXI-8360 (Slot 2). After power up the chassis, I proceed to start the PC and launched Measurement and Automation Explorer. I am able to detect PXI-8360 in MAX but for the chassis, it remains unidentified and PXIe-1062Q was not listed under chassis identification list. I tried both new and old version of PXI Platform Services but none can help. Below is the system detail.

1) Intel i5 PC running on Windows XP SP3

2) MAX version 5.0

3) PXI Platform Services version 3.0.1


Can any expert give suggestions on what I can do in order to make the chassis be identified?


Thanks and regards,


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The PXIe-1062Q can only be controlled from slot 1.  The rest of the slots are for devices only.  You'll need a PXIe controller to work with a PXIe chassis even if you're not using PXIe cards.  The most similar controller to what you have is the NI PXIe-8360.  You can use the same NI PCIe-8361 and cable.  There are several other options as well if you need more bandwidth or fiber optic isolation.


When you have a proper controller for the chassis it should be identified automatically as a PXIe-1062Q in MAX.


Best of luck,


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Good day Robert,


It seems like NI's technical support team has given me wrong information as they told me that I can control the PXIe-1062Q chassis using PC through PXI-8360 and this is the reason to purchase the PXI-8360.


Thanks for pointing it out and you have save my time! I always thought that NI technical support team will never give wrong information on their own products but now I got the wrong part to use.  Sigh! Smiley Frustrated




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