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PXI with EtherCAT Motor control and FPGA

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Hello together,


I own a PXI 1078 connected to a EtherCAT Expansion Chassis NI 9145. The expansion chassis will be used to implement FPGA I/O. At the same time, we want to control a Kollmorgen AKD drive.

My question is: if I put the ethercat expansion chassis in FPGA mode, how are the data transmitted to & back to the PXI? Can I still communicate with the motor drive or does the whole system have to be in Scan mode?


Best regards,


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Hello Lysandros89


it depends on your implementation

Programming the FPGA on an NI EtherCAT Expansion Chassis

Programming EtherCAT I/O With FPGA Intelligence

A simple way are user defined variables on the FPGA and use the EhterCAT implementation in parallel with this.

best regards
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Hello Alexander,


thanks for the links and the advice. I am realizing that by using the Ethercat bus, I am loosing the advantage of the backpane synchronization which is offered with PXI. Would you recommend adding I/O and FPGA cards into the PXI 1078 and running everything there instead of going with remote expansion chassis like the NI-9145?


Best regards


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Accepted by topic author Lysandros

Hello Lysandros89,


if this is possible yes, because of better performance an access to the I/Os.

best regards
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