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PXI synchronisation of scope and fungen

Chassis: PXIe-1071

Scope: PXI-5114

Fungen: PXI-5402 (x2)




I am attempting to synchronise these modules to continuously generate patterns and read data. I can get them to synchronously write and read for 1 acquisition but am struggling to understand how to trigger repeated acquisitions without stopping the fungens running.


The important part of this is that the fungens must be running continuously. The digitiser should ideally always fetch the most recently completed acquisition, and each acquisition must start and end synchronously with the fungen patterns.


I have tried using NI-TClk to sync everything currently, and I have tried manually synchronising everything to the PXI clock and sending a start trigger from the digitiser to start the fungens via a PXI trigger line. But I have been unable to make any further acqusitions sync to my fungen patterns.  I'm guessing it is something to do with moving the fetch offset but I can't grasp it!


Could anyone point me in the right direction?




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