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PXI error -223024

I have been using PXI-4461 card with chassis PXI1031 for one year without any problem (Labview 7.1, NiDaQmx 7.4 and Visa 3.1) with Windows XP Pro. Recently I decided to use a brand new PC to control the system. On this PC, Labview 7.1, NiDaQmx 7.4 and and Visa 3.1 were already installed. I connected the chassis to PCI card. The chassis (MXI-4) and the data acquisition card PXI-4461 are well recognized in Windows device manager. The drivers are correctly installed. When looking at the driver tab properties I've got version 1.8.2f0 of nipalk.sys, IRQ 23 for PXI-4461. I then specified the chassis type in MAX and rebooted. The PXI-4461 and the chassis are correctly detected in MAX. However, when I try to do a selftest or a reset, I've got an error message -223024 Internal Software error occured in DSA software (see configbad1.jpg and configbad2?jpg). Also, the "self-calibrate" tab for PXI device does not appear in the menu !!!
I tried to move the PCI expansion card to another slot (on the PC). Same problem. Since I used an image restore of Windows XP SP2, I thought maybe the problem was due to conflicts of some sort. I decided to perform a fresh install of Windows XP SP2 with all updates. I then reinstalled Labview 7.1, NiDaQmx 7.3 and Visa 3.1 and updated to NiDaQmx 7.4 and Visa 3.4. Same problem.
I also tried to disable hyper threading in the PC bios. Same problem.
There are several things I noted which differ between both PC. When I look in MAX, the serial number of PXI-4461 is 0xFFFFFFFF for the new PC whereas for the old one the serial number is 0xDE0781 (config-good.jpg)

In the chassis PXI settings tab the manufacturer tab indicates 0xFFFF (config-bad.jpg) whereas for the old one it says 0x1093 (config-good.jpg). I don't know if it is important. The second difference is in the software NI-VISA tab: for the old PC, there are a bunch of dll which appear like NIViPxi.dll etc... (config-good.jpg) whereas  in the new configuration I only have visa32.dll
NIVISv32.dll, NIVisaServer.exe and Nivisaic.exe (config-bad.jpg). Again I don't know if it is important. I was wondering if I did not forget to install specific drivers.
Here is the configuration of the new PC
P4C800E-Deluxe (Bios 1023)
P4 3.2Ghz HT
4 CORSAIR 3200 sticks (2Go)
ATI RADEON 9800 PRO 128Mo (Catalyst driver 6.1)
Audigy LS Sound card (last driver)
Windows XP Pro SP2 with all updates

It seems to me that this a driver problem but I don't know how to solve it. Is it a known problem ?
Can you help me out ?
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I think you right, I think it is a problem of drivers.

Install the last version of VISA and Daqmx.
You can find them at this adress:

Download NI-VISA: http://digital.ni.com/softlib.nsf/webcategories/85256410006C055586256BBB002C0E91?opendocument&node=132060_US
Download Daqmx: http://digital.ni.com/softlib.nsf/websearch/4C9E45F6EE5C29F98625708900712CBC?opendocument&node=132050_US

You can find at these fellowing adress, the  procedure  to install  your device.

MXI-4 Series User Manual  http://digital.ni.com/manuals.nsf/websearch/214360150CF3148C86256DFA007BE288?OpenDocument&node=132100_US

This is a little summery of the procedure:

Start without any board plugged into your machine.

1) Install all the software on your PC in this Order: LabVIEW first, then all the Drivers (DAQ and VISA). NI-VISA installs also MXI-4 support.
2) Reboot your PC
2) Power down your PC. Install the PCI-MXI-4 board and boot the machine. Start MAX and go to the PXI section. Right click and identify your system as "External PC".
3) Power down your PC. Install the PXI-MXI-4 interface into your chassis and connect the MXI-4 cable. Keep all other boards out of the chassis.
4) Power up your chassis first and then power up your PC. This step has the only purpose of checking the communication is working fine. If the Green leds are on, then its ok.
5) Shut down everything and plug in all the boards you have into your PXI chassis. Then again power up the chassis before you turn on the PC.

If you have any problem with any of the steps above, let me know and I'll see how to help.

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Thanks for your advice. I tried your suggestion but it did not work.

Here is what I did:

- I uninstall the MXI-4 connector in Ni-PAL device in Windows device manager
- I install Ni-DAQmx 8.0 (I already had the latest drivers for Ni-VISA 3.41)
- I reboot the PC
- I power down the PC
- I install MXI-4 board in the PCI PC slot.
- I power up the pC
- In windows, the MXI-4 connector is detected and seems to be installed properly when I look in Windows device manager
- In MAX, I identify the PXI system as external PC (I do not identify yet the chassis as 1031)
- I power down the PC
- I connect the cable between the 1031 chassis (with the PXI-4461) and the PCI board.
- I power up the PC (the PWR and LNK leds are green)
- In windows, I got a "New device detected" message which asks me to select the driver for the PXI-4461. I select "install software automatically". I get an error message which says "This device cannot start (code 10)". I go in Windows device manager, uninstall the PXI-4461 driver. I then make windows redetect the PXI-4461. I get the same message as before "New device detected". Again I select "install software automatically". This time it works and in Windows device manager the PXI-4461 (acquisition devices tab) seems to be properly installed
- In MAX, NI-DAQmx peripherals, the NI-PXI-4461: "Dev1" tab appears. I then identify the chassis as 1031. I close MAX.
- I reboot (leaving the chassis powered up during the reboot)
- In MAX, NI-DAQmx peripherals, I right click on the NI-PXI-4461: "Dev1" tab to do a selftest. Here again it comes the same error message "error -223024" (see config6-2-06-2.jpg). Compared to the menus I had before, I notice that when I right click the NI-PXI-4461: "Dev1" tab, I see the self calibrate tab in the menu but it is greyed and I cannot click on it (see config6-2-06-1.jpg)

I don't know what to do. Any idea ?




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This is some other suggestions to your problem:

Try to reset your device (right clicking NI-PXI-4461and resezt device) before doing the self test.

Check if the driver is running on your computer, for that, fellow the instuctions given at this address: http://digital.ni.com/public.nsf/websearch/DE91B08073C0388B86256D1A00815DFB?OpenDocument

You can also try to self calibrate your device with LabView, this is a simple vi to do it.

Tell me if one of these solutions  could  help  you.

Johan G. NIF

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I have tried your suggestions. Neither of them worked unfortunately.

The drivers seem to run properly according to the services manager.

I used your vi to self calibrate the device but I get the same error message as in MAX.

As I mentioned previously, the differences I've seen between the good and the bad configuration (except for the hardware of course) are: (i) in the NiDaQmx device the serial number tab indicates 0xFFFFFFFF whereas for the old one it says 0xDE781. (ii) in the software NI-VISA tab: for the old PC, there are a bunch of dll which appear like NIViPxi.dll etc... whereas  in the new configuration I only have visa32.dll
NIVISv32.dll, NIVisaServer.exe and Nivisaic.exe.

I am starting to believe that this issue may be due to a hardware incompatibility problem.

Thank you anyway.
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The error message indicates that an error occurres in DSA software.
But your card, PXI 4461, doesn't need DSA module. 
Try to uninstall DSA module from your PC and tell me if it works better.

Johan G.


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