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PXI RT system get's hung when running the program.

We have developed a application in Labview RT (ver-5.1.2)and running the same on PXI-RT-OS. NiDaq Rt ver-6.9.0, PXI-1002 chassis, Processor PXI-8156b.
The problem is, the RT gets hung after few hour's of running. If I exit without closing the RT Engine VI's the program runs for longer time and later hangs.

Please let me know what are the causes for RT hanging as early as possible. So that i can make the changes in my code and make the system work.
Also i have got the rtlog error log file with me. If required i can mail you the same.
My email id is Maheshkumr.vk@in.bosch.com.

Thank you.
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At what point in your program does it hang? You may want to create a log file of your own to help pinpoint the location. You can also send debugging strings to a monitor using http://zone.ni.com/devzone/devzoneweb.nsf/opendoc?openagent&5A6CB7A2865700C3862568D6005B98AE&cat=203C83A07D9CEBEC862568CD006611A9

You may be running out of memory. Make sure that you are pre-allocating arrays and that you are not building arrays that continue to grow.

You may also be experiencing a bug in NI-DAQ. Upgrade to the latest version of NI-DAQ. See http://digital.ni.com/softlib.nsf/current/.

You may also want to consider upgrading to LabVIEW Real-Time 6i. You may be experiencing something that has been improved in the next version. To upgrade, visit http://www.ni.

Chad H.
Application Engineering
National Instruments
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