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PXI-RT Crashes on Starting about 50% of the time

I am developing a LabVIEW Real-Time program using LabVIEW 2020 for a client. The hardware configuration consists of two PXIe-1078 Chassis connected via PXIe-8364 (PXI-MXI). The first PXIe-1078 chassis has a PXIe-8821 controller. Both chassis have analog I/O and digital I/O PXI cards.


I have connected a monitor to the PXIe-8821 so that I can see the bootup messages. When I power up the PXIe-1078 (both of them), I get usual boot-up messages, but after Initializing network, the system crashes. Sometimes the screen shows the message shown in Picture1 below. With this message, the RT reboots on it own and becomes usable. Sometimes the screen shows the message shown in Picture2A to 2D below. This message is not always the same, but has a blue background. When this crash happens, the system does not reboot on its own, and I have to recycle the power.


As I mentioned, this crash happens almost every other boot up cycle. Once it is booted up, it runs fine (> 12 hours) without crashing.


Any tips on how to fix this?


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