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PXI: NI6584 + FlexRIO module is powered down

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we have problem that our NI6584 card is reporting: FlexRIO:Adapter Module:Powered On = FALSE (read only).

Our setup is:

PXI 1082 > NI FlexRIO FPGA Module > NI6584 RS422


How is possible to turn on this cards? NI FlexRIO FPGA Module > NI6584 RS422


Is there any button, switch?


I tried to find following block in LabView, but I was unsuccessful, is it correct way how to do it? 



Thanks a lot,


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If I try to follow manual : 



3. Launch LabVIEW.
4. In the Getting Started window, select Find Examples to display the NI Example Finder.
5. In the NI Example Finder window, select Hardware Input and Output»FlexRIO»IO Modules»
NI 6584.


There is no NI6584 (just NI6585) example file, is possible download it from web? Because this Test PC is 10 years old, running on Windows 7 and it cannot be connect to internet. This package is not present under supporting files web page to this NI6584 card. 


Best regards,


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Did you end up figuring out your problem? I'm having the same issue where the NI-6584 is showing up as not powered in NI MAX. I'm not sure what to do to enable it.

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Accepted by topic author jakub73

Hi, I finally found the code example for this card, I compiled the code for the FPGA in FlexRIO and the card was up and running fine. 🙂

I didn't fully understand the FlexRIO concept at first time. (where is FPGA placed, because we have one in our product without proper documentation and source code)


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Dear Jakub,


we have the same issue with a PXIe-7961R and the FlesRiO Modul. It is being recognized but is not powered. Could you give the details on how you copied the code to get it back up running. We very much would appriciate your help.



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