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PXI-MXI chassis times out only in MAX


Hi all,


I am using a PXIe-1062Q chassis, connected to my laptop via a PXIe-8361 and the MXI express card. Recently, on opening of MAX, the system times out and an X is shown on the PXI chassis. This happens whenever I start MAX, oddly though, the system works correctly if I access the hardware via LabVIEW and not MAX. If I try to access the hardware in LV after MAX times out, LV also times out with a DAQmx hardware error.


This issue started yesturday morning, another interesting fact is that before yesturday morning, on a fresh boot/reboot MAX would correctly identify the chassis and cards, but if I waited a while and then opened MAX, the system would timeout.


I am leaning to DAQmx (14.5.1) timing out in MAX. When the timeout occurs, I can no longer look at tasks, Network Devices (2 LXI supplies), or software. When I click one of those items, the down arrow disappears and nothing is shown below them as a subset.


Should I reinstall MAX? DAQmx?



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Hi ademedeiros,


This sounds like there may be a corruption somewhere within NI MAX. My first suggestion is to try resetting your MAX Configuration Database:



If you are still seeing the issue past this point, try doing a full reinstall of NI-DAQmx.

Libby B.
Applications Engineering Specialist - RF Wireless
National Instruments
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