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PXI HSDIO 6552 Added Memory changes identity of device but functions correctly

I removed a memory board from a PXI 6552 (HSDIO device) with only 8 Gb/channel and replaced with a 64 Gb/Channel board from a PXI 6551.  Functional tests including loading and unloading the memory at the correct frequency and quantity of memory for the 64 Gb/Channel option but the PXI 6552 identifies itself as a 6551.  The memory verification vi seems to have a bug which makes it fault out when run with this new configuration.  I am putting together the ModInst api/fp (software) to run the same identity tests as the memory verification vi. (https://forums.ni.com/t5/Example-Programs/Check-Memory-Size-on-High-Speed-Digital-I-O-HSDIO-Devices/...)


Can I fix this so the 6552 with the increased memory shows itself to be a 6552 and not a 6551?  HSDIO memory queries show the correct software and, as stated above, the generation memory and acquisition memory are tested to be correct.




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This is certainly interesting. What caused the decision to swap internal hardware rather than to just use the 6551 in it's place? This sounds like it probably isn't supported behavior, I'm glad to hear it's still mostly working though.

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My system is set up for a 6552 with 64 Gb/Channel. But I only have a PXI - 6552 with 8 Gb/Channel and the 6551 with the 64 Gb/Channel.  I am trying to avoid the expense of buying an expensive card when I may have the solution in hand.

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If other customers are able to speak to their experiences, they may be able to help, but taking cards apart and modding them certainly goes outside the scope of what I can speak to as an NI employee.


Best of luck!


Brandon C 

Applications Engineer 


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