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PXI Controller Losing Software



I currently have a customer with a PXIe-8840 running software set to run at startup.  Normally, when they reboot the system the software automatically starts as expected.  Occasionally they will see the following on the display output:


MAX system identification name: NI-PXIe8840QuadCore-2F25F67A

LabVIEW Real-Time SMP Kernel: CPU cores found: 4
Initializing network...

System state: No software installed 

MAX shows the device as connected, but also indicates that there is no software installed and doesn't display any of the loaded PXI cards.  For now they can recover by re-imaging the controller using the RAD utility and an earlier image.



Has anyone encountered this type of situation before?  My first instinct is that there is a hardware problem, but I would have expected a full drive failure where the drive is no longer usable. In this case the drive can be re-imaged and used normally again until the next time it happens.

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Hi mbremer,


There's a forum post where someone has a similar issue and was able to resolve it:




Have you seen this?

Jen P.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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