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PXI Chassis Rebooting



Currently have an issue with a Functional Test System.  It has worked for a number of years, however it has developed a fault where by part way throught the test when the UUT is booted up fully the PC Reboots...


Setp PXI Rack with a number of cards Ana I/P O/P Dig I/O.  I suspect that there is a short somewhere which is taking out the Rack.


Is there a way to know which channel & card has caused the reboot.  All of the Cards ok, the unit has multiple fixtures and one has the issue.


Test Stand 3 Labview CVI system.


Thanks in advance.  Ben

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In case anyone ever searches this the issue was the PC.  On one particular test "Boot UUT windows CE" it restarted the PC.  The chassis was fully working.  Suspected Motherboard.

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