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PXI-Card on a higher Slot causes bluescreens

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Hello everybody,

i have an PXIe-1084 chassis with seven PXI-Cards installed. Last week i installed an eighth card (PXI-6514) at the eighth slot. After i switched the chassis on, my Laptop, which is connected via Thunderbolt to the chassis, crashes with a bluescreen.

I already tried:
- install all eight cards -> bluescreen

- install a different PXI-6514 -> bluescreen
- switch places with one of the old cards and the PXI-6514 -> bluescreen
- remove one of the old cards and install the PXI-6514 at the slot from the old card -> works
- remove one of the old cards and install the PXI-6514 at the ninth slot from chassis -> bluescreen
- check the current consumption of the cards -> far below of the limit of the chassis
- update NIDAQmx-Driver -> still bluescreen

So it seems evertime i install a PXI-Card in a higher slot then the seventh slot, i get a bluescreen. Its always the same bluescreen:


Has someone an idea how to fix this?


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are there any damaged pins on 8th slot of chassis?  

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no, there are no damaged pins to see and i tried already the ninth slot with the same result...

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Have you tried to discover the system on a different laptop or update thunderbolt drivers on current one?

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Thanks for the clues.

I updated the thunderbolt driver -> still bluescreen
Tried another PC -> everything works fine....

So the problem has to be on my laptop. The pc was brandnew and i installed only the driver needed for the chassis and PXI-Cards, so maybe there are some driver on my laptop which causes the error. It is my development laptop, so there are a lot of driver and software on it.

Somebody an idea how to get the driver which causes the bluescreen?

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Accepted by topic author MOBA-User

After some help with the NI Support, we found the problem.

If you connect your PXI Chassis via thunderbolt daisy chain, you will get the bluescreen. (I connected a docking station via thunderbolt and connected the chassis to the docking station.) If you connect the chassis at the first place in the daisy chain, everything works fine. (Laptop -> PXI-Chassis -> DockingStation)

The support gave me some kind of beta driver, which solved the problem finally. Maybe it will be part of the next driver update.

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