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PXI: Analog input measurement +-20 mA

Dear Community, 


I'm configuring a PXI using the advisor but right now I habe with a missing module. In my current project I have multiple sensors which I want to measure. Most of these sensor have a 4...20 mA feedback signal. The total number of sensors is around 35. Is there a module for the PXI with multiple current input chanels +- 20 mA?
The other option would be to use 5 of available PXI-6238 multifunction modules. 


Thanks for your support. 


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As far as I see, the current input modules are C-series and none on PXI.


Only good high-density options are from this catalogue - https://www.ni.com/en-us/shop/hardware/products/pxi-analog-input-module.html


 PXI-4302 seems to be a good option with 32-ch 

Of course, you can go with PXI-6238, that would definitely work given you already have them.

Do you've any accuracy/resolution target and also sampling rate?

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Hi Santo, 


thank you for your recommendation regarding the PXIe-4302. I would prefer the PXIe-4303 modul due to the higher sampling rate (NI PXIe-4302/4303 User Manual - National Instruments). To measure the current I need the additional TB-4302C terminal block. What ist the external bias resistor  for (page 13 in the manual)? Ist there any recommendation ? Am i correct that it is possible to configure up to 4 different sampling times (page 26 in the manual)? E.g. ai0:7 = High Speed simultaneous measurement and ai8:15, ai16:23, and ai24:31 with low speed timing?




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