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PXI-8517 Pin definition

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Why I can't  find the pin definition of PXI-8517? Who can provide it, thanks!

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NI XNET help file documents the pinout - https://www.ni.com/docs/en-US/bundle/ni-xnet-20.5/page/nixnet/flexraypinout.html

PCI and PXI FlexRay Interface

The following table describes the CAN DB-9 pinout on PCI and PXI FlexRay interfaces, such as PCI-8517 and PXI-8517.

Pin Signal Signal
1 NC No connection
2 FlexRay A BM FlexRay channel A bus minus
3 COM FlexRay reference ground
4 FlexRay B BM FlexRay channel B bus minus
5 SHLD FlexRay shield
6 (COM) Optional FlexRay reference ground
7 FlexRay A BP FlexRay channel A bus plus
8 FlexRay B BP FlexRay channel B bus plus
9 (Ext_VBat) Optional external bus voltage
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Thank you very much for your reply!I have another question:Does it means that each port provides two channels of FlexRay bus? When connecting a terminal, use pin2 and Pin7 or pin4 and pin8 all can meet the communication requirements?Thanks!

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