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PXI-8512 software compatibility issues

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I have a PXI-8512 high speed CAN module in my system. My PXI controller has a realtime OS. I am having some problems and have been trying to identify the problem. 


My question:

Is there any known compaitbility issues with the PXI-8512 using the NI-CAN 2.7.4 software installed on a realtime system?




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Hi DPearce,


The PXI-8512 CAN card uses the NI-XNET driver, not the NI-CAN driver. The latest version of the NI-XNET driver can be downloaded from the following link:



Catherine B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks for reminding me about the NI-XNET. I had forget that tidbit of information. I have NI-XNET 1.7.0. I was asking about the compatibility because I had some odd problems before and found out in the end it was a compatibility issue; I think it had to do with the NI-DAQmx software that time. It was real difficult to figure out on my own and I eventually got help from NI Support who knew about it. I don't think I could have found the problem on my own; much of it is a black box to me.


I am about to get the NI-Support folks involved in this issue too but thought I would run down as amny paths as I could before I made the call.




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Hi Don,


What sort of problems have you been encountering with your PXI CAN card?


Catherine B.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author DPearce

It was a problem with my code. I was posting my CAN messages to a Queue and it was sometimes taking a long time for the CAN message to be actually set. Never figured out why the LAbWindows/CVI 2012 worked better than the 2013 but found a work around so my problem is solved.

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