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PXI-8512 CAN interface, exchange data between two PXI 8880

Hello everyone,

I have a question about CAN interface PXI-8512. I have two chassis with PXIe 8880 controllers and with PXI-8512 interface modules. 


I need to exchange data between those two PXI 8880 controllers and the question is if I can use PXI-8512 modules to send and receive data with CAN protocol? The data is from third part custom device (vehicle simulator). If it is not possible, how can I exchange data between two controllers? 


Thank you for answer.

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Hello krzesniak1,

the direct answer to your question is yes, you can use CAN to share data between your controllers.


In my opinion it is not the best way though. If the controllers are networked, you can use shared variables (network-published) as explained in this white paper: http://www.ni.com/white-paper/4679/en/


THis will give you a smoother programming experience and more flexibility than CAN. Obviously, it may be better to use CAN if you want this data to be a part of a bigger system that uses this communication protocol. 


As an unrelated tip, it is best to think of PXI controllers as computers, so you can use any way of communication you would normally use between two computers (TCP, ftp, UDP etc.)


Best Regards,




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Thank you for your advice. However I also use VeriStand to deploy a project and I am not sure how to use a shared variables with VeriStand. I also tried with udp communication, however I did not succeed.

Do you know may be an example where communication between two PXIs is well explained? 

Best regards,


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