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PXI-8360 (MXI-Express) + PCI-8361 + Dell OptiPlex 9020 = "Device not cannot start. (Code 10)"

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Hi Robert,


Thank you for your in-depth research! You were spot-on. I followed your steps to disable PCIe Native Mode, and the Dell Optiplex 9020 now recognizes the PXI system!


We'll still try the PCIe card, however.


Your findings (along with recommendations to favour the PCIe-8361 over the PCI-8361) should be placed in the NI Knowledge Base.

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After testing the system, we're happy with the PCI-8361.


It was taking a while for the PCIe card to be shipped so we simply cancelled the order -- this also means we don't have to go through the hassle of returning the PCI card (which has already been opened). We will remember to get the PCIe card in the future though.


Thanks again for your help, Robert.

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This solution worked for a PCI-8361 MXI-Express in a Dell 7020 also with a code 10 error on Windows 10, DAQmx 2016.



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This worked for Dell Precision Rack 7910 running windows 10 64 bit with a MXI 8362 card in the dell and an 8360 card in the chassis.  

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