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PXI 8196 hard disk retore - how is this done?

I am in the field running PXI 8196 in an aircraft - the next flight is tomorrow, and my controller will not boot up. I was able to get it up in safe mode, but now that is even having problems. I tried to boot in last stable configuration, but now it won't boot. How does one get to the operating system restore on the hard drive? I'm desperate. We have a spare controller, but it is slower...

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Ctrl-Alt-F1 to reconnect to the monitor. It had merely lost its way.
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Hi Laurel,

Thanks for letting the resolution be known! 

For future reference, to restore the operating system use Phoenix Firstware.  Phoenix Firstware uses a small, protected area of your hard drive to store an image of the OS provided to you at the time of shipment. Should you need to restore your system OS to its original condition, you may access that image by pressing and holding the <F4> key (on the PXI-8186, PXI-8187, PXI-8195, or PXI-8196) when video first appears during the boot process.

For more information on Phoenix Firstware, please check out the following Developer's Zone Document:

Restoring or Changing the Operating System in a PXI-8180 or PXI-8190 Series Embedded Controller

Good luck in the future!

Chad AE
Applications Engineer


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