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PXI-8186 does not detect any cards

Hello, I'm trying to setup a system with PXI-1002. My system includes an oscilloscope card and a function generator card. I can get everything working if i use an external computer and link it with MXI-3. If i use an embedded controller PXI-8186 with Windows XP Pro i can't see any PXI cards except PXI-8186. All the driver is installed, any idea what the problem could be?


Software installed:


NI-FGEN 2.9.3

NI-DAQmx 15.5.1



#1 PXI-8186

#2 PXI-5112

#3 PXI-5401

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Not sure but it always helps if you go to NI-MAX


Select Help>>System Information>>Copy all.


then open a new text editor / MS Word and paste that information and save.


Attach that file to this conversation. That file is a wealth of information about your OS, PC hardware, and PXI system.

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Thank you for the reply. It seems like the embedded controller (PXI-8186) is faulty. Windows ran fine and the only issue was that it did not detected the PXI cards and one time when was starting up the system it suddenly wanted to install the driver for the function generator and in the middle of the installation it crashed with bluescreen. After a restart the screen was just blank. I then removed the PXI cards one by one, it only started up fine when every card was removed. I got a new PXI-8186 and it works just fine now 🙂

Is there anything i can do to repair the faulty controller? Could it be a bad solder joint? I'm just a hobbyist so i would like to make it work again 🙂

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