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PXI-8170 & PXI-1025


Ihave some trouble to install the PXI-8170 in chasis 1025.

What I have done are:
1) Configure the switch S1 and S2 to surpot internal keyboard and mouse. Configure S3 to support 600x800 display.
2) Configure BIOS "LCD&CTR" as LCD (I have tried the others too).
3) Set the screen of the win98 as 800x600.

However, I still connot see anything in the LCD.

Why? How to solve it? Do I need to update the Flash BIOS? Where can I get it?

Tanks a lot.
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You probably do not need to flash the BIOS.

In all liklihood, you just need to set up your video driver to support LCD. It will be slightly different for Windows 98 (sorry, I only have Windows 2000 at my disposal at the moment), but the basic procedure is as follows:

1) right-click on the desktop and select "Properties"
2) Go to the "Settings" tab and select "Advanced..."
3) Go to the CHIPS tab and make sure you have either "LCD" or "BOTH" (I recommend "BOTH", at least to get everything up and running) selected.
4) Select "OK" and you should be able to see an output on the LCD screen of your 1025

Trey Hamilton
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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