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PXI-8108 Memory Issue

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We are currently using a PXI-8108 Controller, and a new proprietary VI, and on some cases it seems that we are running out of memory. We are using the 4GB 800Mhz DDR2 memory which is the maximum according to the datasheet. We are wondering if it is at all possible to go to a larger or faster memory size and take advantage of the new size or speed without damaging the system. The software team is currently working on optimizing the new VI, which is our optimal solution but if that fails we would like to upgrade memory instead of buying a new controller do to time constraints.


Thanks for any advice given.

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12-14-2016 05:47 AM


The Maximum memory tested here at NI for your PXI-8108 is 4 GB DDR2, we do not support upgrading it more than 4GB for this specific controller. 

Optimizing the VI is the quickiest workaround for this situation. If you share with us what your VI does and how you are accomplishing that, we could give provide you some advice to improve the performance of your VI. 

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Thank you for the information. I was afraid of that but I wanted to double check before I threw our software team to the wolves. I can't share the VI at this time but if I get permission at a later date I will bring it to the forums. Again thanks for the information.

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