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PXI-7853R analog outputs failure


I am using a PXI-7853R to generate output signal with Veristand, I started working with the new device 2 months ago and every thing was fine and I could  generate signals using AO0, AO1, AO2 ......AO7.
But starting from yesterday AO0 and AO7 are no more working, I can't see the signal that I want to generate with the oscilloscope and the photo of what I am visualizing in the oscilloscope from these two outputs (AO0 and AO7) is attached, and the visualization is the same even when I am not generating any signal.

I can't understand what is happening especially that the other analogue outputs are working well.

I am asking if the device is damaged or if it needs repair, or if any one can help me to solve the problem.

Any advice is appreciated and thank you for helping or trying to. 20180621_121737.jpg

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