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PXI-7344 - Device "present" but "not responding"

I have a PXI-7344 installed in a PXI-1042 rack. This was working, but is now giving a "Device is not responding or has been removed from the system" error in MAX. Strangely, as listed under the PXI chassis, the card shows up as present and has a "Device is working properly" status.


We have re-seated the card, swapped slots on the rack, and run a repair on the drivers. Is there anything else to try, or is this likely a hardware fault with the card? Any insight as to why it would show up as working properly under the chassis, but show a failure under NI Motion devices?


The computer is running Windows 7 with NI-Motion 14.0 and MAX 15.0.




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Hey Steiger,


Give the following a try:

1.) Take a look at this forum post, I think the issue is similar

2.) The issue might be related to MAX database sorruption, see this KB

3.) Let's try restarting the NI-Motion service. Go to the Start menu and seach for "Services", then scroll down to "NI-Motion Device Manager, right click -> "Restart." See the attached screencap.

Ren H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Thanks for the reply. 


I had seen the forum post in 1) before making this thread, but it wasn't exactly applicable since this isn't a remote device. I tried the suggestions there, but neither worked.


I didn't think this was likely to be database corruption, since there are numerous other cards in this rack which were working OK. It wouldn't have hurt to re-set it; I'll keep this in mind for the future. Similary with re-starting the NI-Motion service.


In this particular case, it does look like it was a hardware issue with the card. We found another one for our customer to swap in and it is functioning properly.


The puzzling part again was that, in MAX, the (bad) card showed up under the PXI rack chassis as OK, but under the NI-Motion section as not responding.

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Hey Steiger,


Thanks for the update. If you would like to look into potentially RMA the card, feel free calling in to (866) 275-6964.

Ren H.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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