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PXI-6704 recognized by MAX but not by daq assistant in LabVIEW.

I have a PXI-1042 chassis with a PXI-6704 and PXI-6528. Both are recognized in MAX however, the DAQ assistant in LabVIEW only recognizes the 6528 when I try to set up digital I/O and doesn't see the 6704 when I'm trying to setup any analog I/O. Thanks in advance.
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Hello Kande,

The DAQ Assistant may only be used with the MIO series of data acquisition devices. This includes all E Series and M Series devices support by DAQmx.

If you are looking for help with getting started with DAQmx and the PXI-6704, I suggest opening the Example Finder found at LabVIEW Help >> Find Examples and browsing to Hardware Input Output > DAQmx to find an appropriate analog output program for that device. The other method that you could use is instead of trying to use the DAQ Assistant in LabVIEW, create a DAQmx Task in MAX to be used later on in your LabVIEW code.

Jared A
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The PXI-6704 is not currently supported under DAQmx and thus will not work with the DAQ Assistant. You should be able to find traditional daq examples using the example finder as previously stated for this device.

I hope this helps!
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Has this changed in subsequent versions of LabVIEW?  I am presently upgrading to 8.0 and I have been working on a VI with a traditional DAQ output and a DAQmx input.  Some of the problems with that VI may be due to this mix....
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