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PXI 6682 Create CLock Route to CLK OUT

Hello All,


I am utilizing GPS as my timing reference on PXI-6682, I am attempting to Create Clock(unless there is a more transparent way to do this?) to generate a 1PPS synced with GPS and route it out the CLK OUT Front Panel connector on the PXI-6682.  

I have done the same sort of thing in the past with the PXI-6682 and routed the 1pps to the back plane.  WHere I am confused is I don't see the CLK OUT as an option for routing when I browse perhaps the name is different?


John S

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There are only 2 things that you can route to the ClkOut terminal in the PXI-6682: the 10MHz TCXO clock, or the 10MHz PXI_CLK10.  There is a nice block diagram of the routing capabilities of the board on page 3-2 of the user manual.


If you want to output some other clock, such as the 1PPS clock you are generating, you need to route it to a PFI terminal.


Hope this helps.  Good luck.



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Yeah that is what I thought I didn't want to use the PFI due to I was using 2 of 3 for timestamping events and if I use the third one it will need to be the combo IRIB/PFI0 but that is fine because we are using GPS as the timing refeerence not IRIG.





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