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PXI-6608: Date of the last calibration

Hello colleaguos!

I can't find the date of last calibration in the NI MAX. But on the other device that information exist. Where can I find that ?

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Any chance you could post a screenshot of what you are looking at or what you are expecting to see?

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this is it




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The only thing I can think is that maybe DAQmx isn't able to read the date on this device due it needing to be calibrated using NI-DAQ.




Since it can only be calibrated using legacy software, it seems plausible that whatever legacy interfaces that are required to calibrate the 6608 don't exist in DAQmx, including the ability to read calibration dates. 

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I  don't understand , what difference between DAQmx and  NI-DAQ ?

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"Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) is a legacy hardware driver compatible with legacy data acquisition products.  Some products supported in Traditional NI-DAQ (Legacy) are also supported by NI-DAQmx."



My thinking goes: the fact that NI-DAQ is needed to calibrate your 6608 implies limited functionality when using DAQmx. It seems plausible that the ability to interact with the calibration part of your hardware didn't make it into DAQmx for whatever reason. This might explain why you aren't able to read the date of the last calibration in DAQmx.

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How the hardware driver such as the NI-DAQmx can influence on the ability to calibration ?

In this case, what I can do ? To leave all without change ?

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The 6608 can be used with both DAQmx and Legacy DAQ driver, but it can only be calibrated with the Legacy DAQ driver. Do you have both Legacy DAQ and DAQmx drivers installed on your computer?

Adena L.
Technical Support Engineer
National Instruments
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