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PXI 6562 self test and reset failure

Can any one share how to troubleshoot a total communication failure in a PXI system between the microcontroller and a PXI card. I can't self test or reset the PXI 6562 card in my chassis from MAX. Nor do I see the active/access led on the PXI 6562 blink.
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What's an ...,

I'm sorry you've run into some trouble with your 6562.  Have you had any success with the device in other slots in your chassis?  Was the device working previously?  Likewise, have you been able to communicate with other devices in the slot that presented the failure?  This experiment could indicate if there is a problem with your 6562 or with the chassis backplane. 

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I forgot to ask which driver version are you using?  Also, have you tried to remove the 6562 from your device manager and rescan the system for hardware?  Sometimes this will help Windows resolve some hardware conflicts.
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Thanks for responding promptly.

The PXI 6562 is the only card I have along with the PXI 8184 microcontroller. My chassis is a 4-slot PXI-1031. I have not tried any of the suggested troubleshooting procedures. However, to answer the question wether the card was functional in the past, yes it was working fine. I was able to generate and read digital signals. What I realy need to know is should the ACCESS and ACTIVE LED's blink when I power the chassis? If they should what is the possibility that my PXI 6562 is damaged?

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I forgot to add driver information. I am using the NI-HSDIO driver on a window 2000 platform.
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Once the chassis has booted fully into Windows and the NI HSDIO driver has loaded, NI HSDIO will program the 6562 for operation.  While the board gets programmed (<2second duration) the LEDs will blink.  However, once the device is fully initialized by HSDIO, the "Access" LED (left) should be a solid green and the "Active" light should be off.  If this is not the case then the 6562 was not properly brought up.  This may be caused by several things.

If the slot is bad and is not able to communicate with any device then the 6562 will not be able to properly initialize.  You could test this by installing the 6562 into a different slot or another device into that slot to make sure it works.

If Windows does not recognize the device then NI HSDIO will not properly program the 6562.  If you open up the device manager there should be a "Data Acquisition Devices" section that has the NI PXI 6562 in the list.  If the device is listed but has an exclaimation point then Windows may have had trouble giving it resources.  I've had luck with this error by right clicking on the device and removing it then restarting my computer.  If the device is not in the list then make sure it does not show up in any other slot as well.

You mentioned that it had worked previously.  Are you aware of anything that may have happened to the device between then and now?

Also, version 1.4 of the HSDIO driver was recently released.  You can download this version from NI at:

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Thank you very much.

One more question, does running a firewall on the microcontroller interferre with the initial programming of the PXI 6562. could it be that my firewall is blocking NI-HSDIO from loading and setting up the card?

I have deleted the PXI-6562 from the device manager list and I am restarting the microcontroller. Hopefully this will solve the problem.

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