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PXI 6236 not detected on linux

Hello, I am facing the following problem : 


I have an NI rack with one PXI-6512 one  PXI 6511 and one PXI-6236 connected to my CentOS version 5.9. 

the PXI-6511 and PXI-6512 are being handled by the opensource driver library comedi.


Nevertheless the PXI-6236 is not supported by comedi, and i am trying to detect it via the DAQmxTestPanels. 


when launching DAQmxTestPanels i got a message that said that there is no connected device that support DAQmxTestPanels.


I havent foudn the NI_DAQ_MX driver for linux that support PXI 6236 the windows version : http://www.ni.com/download/ni-daqmx-15.0.1/5353/en/

does support it. 

but the latest Linux version http://www.ni.com/download/ni-daqmx-base-15.0/5644/en/  doesn't list the PXI 6236.


is this card supported in a linux environement, in particular for Cent OS 5.9 ? 


I need to create an entry in /dev for this card could anyone help me ? 


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I am Ed from National Instruments Applications Engineering. I have been forwarded your query with regards to using a PXI 6236 on Linux.


Unfortunately this device is not currently supported with Linux as you have identified. This is because given the many differing versions of Linux it does make it difficult to fully support all devices on all Linux distributions. The device is listed in the below linked document as not being supported on Linux:




We are working on integrating further support for our devices with Linux. Apologies that I could not be more helpful with assisting you in this matter. I would recommend to not use Linux for now for your application and instead use Windows as this is the most supported operating system and will ensure that your devices will be enumerated and perform as expected.


Best regards,



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