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PXI 6133 harware failure

We have a PXI-1042Q computer chassis with 4 PXI-6133 data acquisition boards installed. All of the four boards were working. One day in last week, it seems like one of them stopped working. When I turned on the computer and the "Measurement&Automation Explorer"->"Device and Interfaces"->"PXI-6133:PXI1Slot6"->"Test Panels", it showed "Hardware failures, do you want to continue?". Then I clicked "yes" and entered the test penel. I clicked "start" then it showed error. The error message was: "Error-50152 occured at test panel. Possible reason(s): a hardware failure has occured. The operation could not be completed as specified".


The other three boards is still working. Ii tried swapping the board in slot 6 (which is not working) with the boards in other slots. The working boards were still working fine but this board still didn't work. 


Could anyone suggest what could be the reason and what should we do in this situation? We need all the boards to work for taking a complete set of measurements. We purchased the system about 10 years ago. The board which is not working was purchased probably 6 years ago. 


Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.



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Just to confirm, you tried swapping out this card into other slots to try and see if it receives data? Additionally, do you have a spare card that you could use in the mean time that can collect data to confirm the malfunction of the card? Can you try to test the card in a different chassis as well?


If all these cases come back negative, it seems as though the card is broken and non functional. How this could have happened, there is really no telling. Age, constant usage, power surge, physical damage, and/or the environment are all possible reasons. 


You can call into National Instruments Support line and create a service request to try and get the hardware repaired. 


Rob W.
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