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PXI-6115 Analog I/O measurements

I am setting up my PXI-6115 in a PXI-1033 chassis with a BNC-2090A accessory. I am making good connection between BNC and PXI-6115 (Power LED on) and I am connected and installed correctly on my PC. However, I am trying to use MAX to generate some signals and am only receiving 0.8V on all analog outputs and the chart displays 10V on all analog inputs. This occurs even with the BNC accessory disconnected and no signals are being input into the system. I was able to observe a signal on my oscilloscope on the output channels when generating a sine wave, however it was rectified and biased and measured different voltage levels than what I tried to create in MAX. Also, when I try to self-calibrate the card, it gives me an error, so maybe it needs recalibrated.
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Couple of things I am not clear about your situation

1. You are generating AO from MAX abt 0.8V, and where are you seeing this signal on as on MAX you will not be able to do both simultenously/

2. Also when you stop AO task it will hold in the last value,

3. What error you get when you self cal it- as that should not be the case. You might want to re cal it or repair it.

4. Try running AI-AO sync example from lv example finder.



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0.8V consistently is the output of AO, even with DC out set to 0. I am measuring this on a scope and a DMM.

Yea I talked to some people at NI today about the self cal failure, and then they deemed the PXI card acceptable for an RMA.

And anytime I try to measure an input via AI i observe 10Vdc in MAX, regardless of whether I have a signal connected or not.


So I sent it today and hopefully they will be able to recalibrate it.


Thanks for your help.

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