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PXI 5610 problem

When running the PXI-5610 adjustment procedure in Calibration Executive , the main power suddenly shut off . then what problem will happen to the PXI 5610?

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What causes the main power to sunddently shut off?In general,it will not lead to any damage to PXI-5610 except great static electricity.


Please note: according to NI 5610 Calibration Procedure manual,the NI 5610 upconverter module must be cooled to 23 ±5 °C before the adjustment stage of the calibration process,and this may take up to one hour.


NI AE Emily

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Thanks a lot for your reply.

After the PXI controller 's suddenly power off when performing adjustment ,  we restart the OS and found the PXI 5610's error infomation in the MAX : Error -200437,External calibration constants are invalid,and he card cannot be used in our Auto-Test-System anymore. I guess the calibration data in the EEPROM was missed or uncompleted,but i have no relevant softwre tools to read or write PXI-5610's EEPROM.

Could you give me some suggestions to solve this BIG problem? Thanks.

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This KB may help.

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