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PXI 5422 synchronization with other device problem

Hey, can anybody kind enough to give some suggestion about the synchronization problem between the PXI-5422 and another device. I use PXI-8186 controller, Labview ver. 8.2.1, and NFEN ver. 2.5.1.
I have used the "script mode" of NFEN to switch between 2 periodic waveforms, which by themselve are composed of 74 waves with shorter period. Yet, all the 74 waves have the same sampling points, let's say 64. And I want to output a synchronization signal which has a period of 64 sample points.
This can be easily made by the "marker". However, error comes out when I try to compile my scripts, which says I have used too many "Generate" and "wait" commands.
My problem is how to generate a synchronization signal if the marker event is not effective.
The following is my LV program and my generated waveform.
Great thanks.
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Hello Maggie_ok,

Thanks for posting in our Discussion Forum.

Do you really need to generate the a synchronization signal?  Have you tried using NI-TCLK to synchronized clocks?
NI-TCLK is usually the easiest way to synchronize signals within a PXI-chassis. You can find some useful information here:

Using NI-TClk to Synchronize Signal Generators

National Instruments T-Clock Technology for Timing and Synchronization of Modular Instruments

If you are using LabVIEW, examples using NI-TCLK can be found here: Help >> Find Examples… >> Hardware Input and Output >> Modular Instruments >> NI-FGEN >> Synchronization.

Eric Okawa
Applications Engineering
National Instruments

Eric Matsumoto Okawa
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