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PXI-5422 and PXI-5122 synchronization and burst mode operation

Hi guys!


This is Ben, from Barcelona (spain)


After some days reading all threads related to this topic in the forum, I still have some doubts..

I need to synchronize PXI-5422 and PXI-5122 boards to generate a multitone burst signal of 1ms period time. Synchronized with pxi-5422 generation, pxi-5122 board has to start to acquire the system response. Once the generation and acquisition ends, pxi has to process data during the blanking interval (1ms) for a real-time application. 


I have solved the issue related to the trigger synchronization using NI-Tclk blocks. However, I need to be sure that every 2ms process restarts again (generation-acquistion 1ms + processing 1ms). My idea has been to use timed loop. Is this this the most efficient manner to overcome the problem? Or there is any other best solution??


The attached .vi file is my current working version (v8.6) and it is based on NI example.



Any help will be really appreciated!



Waiting for your answers,




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