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PXI-5422 PXI-5122 synchronization and acquisition

Dear all,


I am generating a reference signal with PXI-5422 and measuring it with PXI-5122. The point is that I want perfect synchronization between AWG and digitizer. In order to check that it works, I have connected them with a SMB-coaxial cable the output of PXI-5422 to the input channel 0 of PXI-5122. The labview program synchronizes both devices using niTClk. Then I have generated the reference signal (20Ksamples length @ 20MHz) and acquired it (20Ksamples @ Fs 20MHz). At the end, samples are stored into a file. For my surprise, If I compare plot both signals together I can see there is a delay between the reference and the acquired about 1us. When in fact, if the TClk is working properly, this should be about nanoseconds or less. Does it mean that they are not synchronized????


Moreover, since the reference signal is 20Ksamples length generated with 20Msamples/sec, the excitation time is 1ms. Because I need signal to be just 1ms, PXI-5422 must stop immediately after signal has been generated. I am using niTClk Wait until done .vi to check when it happens in order to stop the generator. However, program only goes on when timeout occurs. I guess that triggering options maybe are not well configured because labview doesn't know when it happens..


I attach you the code and a picture of both signals.


Anyone can tell me what is going on?


Thanks in advance




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Hello again,


The error message of niTClk Wait until done is the next:


Operation did not complete within the specified timeout.

Make sure that all trigger signals are properly connected and that all triggering attributes are correctly configured, or increase the timeout.


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