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PXI-5142 reports "Internal Software Error occurred in MIG software"

I have a PXI-5142 that passes self-test and can be reset from MAX.  However, when I try to run self-calibrate from MAX, I get "Internal Software Error occurred in MIG software" and status code -228858.  When I try to run the modulation toolkit vi MT niRFSA PSK Demod.vi, I get error codes -228858 and -223552.  When I try to run niRFSA soft panel, I get a warning:


"Soft Front Panel specific warning


Dequeue Element in sfpRfsa_SpectrumDB_Lock.vi->sfpRfsa_HW_ReadSpectrum.vi->sfpRfsa_HW_Handler 3.vi"


I get all of these behaviors if I change slots for the PXI-5142 (and the PXI-5600).  I have also tried reinstalling NI-DAQmx 9.4.0. I have tried upgrading NI-RFSA 2.5 to NI-RFSA 2.5.5.  I have tried moving this PXI-5142 into another PXI chassis that is connected to a completely different computer.  I get the same behavior when I try to self-calibrate from MAX.  However, when I try to run the niRFSA soft front panel, it returns:

"Digitizer erorr


The digitizer returned the following error:


Internal Software Error occurred in MIG software.  Please contact National Instruments Support.  


Component name: nihsdrk

File name: p:\Measurements\DHV\DIDE\export\220\220f2\includes\nidide\memory\tFetcher.cpp

Line number: 840"



The computers and PXI chassis are located in a secure lab that does not have internet access.  My organization's computer security rules make it difficult and slow to move files into or out of the area.

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There are a few next steps we can take. To be clear, the 5142 is going to run on the NI-SCOPE driver. Your upgrades to DAQmx and NI-RFSA will not have affected the PXI 5142 scope device. The article below discusses the error with another Scope module, and suggests updating the driver (NI-SCOPE) and the firmware on the device as well.


NI PXIe-5122 Returns Error -50550 or -228858



Lets start with updating NI-SCOPE if needed, and we can go from there.




Finch Train

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I wanted to let you know that your advice was very helpful, and that I succeeded in restoring our PXI-5142 to working order.  I found that I had to uninstall niRFSA 2.5.5 before repairing the installation of niSCOPE.  Thank you once again for your support.

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My NI-5142 digitizer is acting up again.  The error status codes are -228858 and -223552.  I have tried the procedure of uninstalling niRFSA 2.5.5 before repairing the installation of niSCOPE.  This time, it didn't work. The error message itself is slightly different.  It reads "Data transfer timed out because the device was busy.  Try fetching again."  It also has attribute CONTIGUOUS_MULTIRECORD this time.

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Please try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve these errors:


  1. Reset the device in Measurement & Automation Explorer.
  2. Reboot the PC or PXI controller.
  3. Try a different PCI or PXI slot.
  4. Reinstall the device driver in the device manager by deleting the device and letting the operating system re-detect the hardware (Action>> Scan for New Devices in the Windows Device manager).
  5. Update the driver to the latest version.
  6. If possible try the card in a different system.




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