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PXI-5112 Error 0xBFFA0011 from niScope Cal Measure RIS Distribution

Hello all.


I am attempting to write a program to calibrate a PXI-5112, which has gone relatively well until I attempt to verify the RIS distribution. The niScope Cal Measure RIS Distribution VI returns a 0xBFFA0011 error (-1074135023): Function or Method Not Supported. Considering that all the other niScope VIs (including calibration VIs) I've used so far have worked normally, I thought this was a little odd. Is the RIS VI no longer supported with the 5112?


Thank you in advance for your help!



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Hi Alex,


The 5112 supports RIS so this should be supported in that VI; which version of NI-SCOPE are you using?

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It is NI-SCOPE 4.0.

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It looks like in the past there has been at least one bug in the with NI Scope and the Cal functions, do you have any steps that we can try to reproduce this?

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Here is the program I've assembled. I've basically taken it directly from the 5112 Calibration document installed with NI-SCOPE.


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I heard back from our engineer who works with Calibration Executive, and this looks like a potential bug with the 3.5.1 software in conjunction with NI Scope 4.0.  It seems Scope 4.0 is required to use 3.5.1 Cal Exec so if time is critical, I think the only workaround is to downgrade both for now.

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I am not actually using Calibration Executive, so the bug must be only in Scope 4.0, at least in this case.


Is there a way of finding out exactly what "Cal Measure RIS Distribution" does so that I could build my own replacement VI as a workaround?

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Thanks for reporting this, "Cal Measure RIS Distribution" is indeed not working as expected.  The function is broken in NI-SCOPE 4.0 and 4.1.  Our R&D team has been notified and are working on a fix, if your interested in tracking the fix with our upcomming releases, this fix is CAR 422374.



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I managed to perform the function using LabVIEW 8.2.1 and NI-SCOPE 3.3 on another computer.



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This issue has now been resolved, please see the following KB article:




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