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PXI-5012 Scope on a PXIe-1078 - Adapter/Modification?

I have a PXI-5102 (old cPCI) that I would like to use on a PXIe-1078 Chassis.

Without having the hardware present, it appears from the documentation that they are compatible.  But the 5102 appears to have an older connector.

There is a blurb in the 1078 manual that cards can be modified to use a different connector.

Can anyone tell me about this?  Is there an adapter that allows me to get this up and running prior to modifying the card?  How difficult is the modification?

Any help will be useful, the NI tech support appears stumped on this too- its an OLD card.

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Hi Jed,


Unfortunately we neither sell the necessary XJ4 connector individually or offer any instructions to do this yourself. There may be a third party connector available; however, this is neither supported or recommended and will void the warranty on the product.

Please see the section titled "Can I send in my National Instruments PXI modules to make them hybrid slot-compatible?" from the article linked below:





Kaitlin N.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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