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PXI-4462 error -223027



I am having problems with a PXI-4462 which does not pass the self test and consistently returns Error -223027; Internal software error in DSA software.


What kind of faults cause this error messages? Any suggestions how to solve the problem?


I do not know the history of this card and it has been giving the same error from the first time I tried it.


The PXI-4462 card has been tested in different slots of a PXI rack from Tracewell Systems together with a PXI-8175 running Windows 2000, NIDAQ-mx V 7.5.0f2 and MAX Two PXI-6281 cards run fine in the same rack.


Deleting the card in the windows hardware manager and scanning for new hardware detects the card but self test still returns error -223027. Reset in MAX is not possible (since the card did not pass te self test?).


Any help would be most appreciated!



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