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PXI 4461 switch problems

Hi all,


I want to ask about if it is safe to switch two PXI 4461 I have.


I have two pieces of PXI 4461 while one of them burned out during lab test so I want to put another one into the device (PXI 1033) to replace it.


Is it safe to do that?





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Hi xzzgameboy,


When one card burns out we would recommend trying to characterize the cause of the burnout before using another card, as we would not want you to burn out both of your PXI-4461s.


With this in mind, do you have any idea what may have caused the burnout?  It may be helpful to look at the PXI 4461 Specifications when analyzing this.



Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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Thank u so much!  We found that the resistance burned out because we input too high voltage. And now we want to replace it. I wonder after replacing the resistance, what if there are some other mistakes? Could we still send the PXI back to NI to fix it? PS it is out of warranty already.




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If you have SSP with us you can open a service request and have an engineer assist in final step troubleshooting and the return process. Otherwise I would give the general support line a call and explain you're looking for a quote on repair for the device. Have the serial number ready! Here is the general support number 1 (800) 531-5066


Thank You,



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