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PXI 4461 based audio data recorder development


Hi all

I want to build an audio data recorder which can digitize analog audio data coming from any standard audio jack, record/process this data and could also replay recorded/processed audio on any standard headphone set. For this purpose, i came across PXI based 4461 card (24 bit ADCs and DACs) used with PXI controller and chassis.


However, i problem i faced is how to replay recorded audio using 4461 Card AO channel (without using any other audio amplifier)?.Is there any standard cable which can be directly connected between BNC out connector (AO) on 4461 card and standard headphone?


Thanks & Regards

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Is your question related to the data format and LabVIEW code to capture on AI and playback on AO?


Existence of a BNC to 3.5mm jack cable?

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