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PXI-4110: Possible to independently configure +20V and -20V supplies?

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With regard to the PXI-4110.... Is it possible to configure the +20V and -20V supplies non-complimentary? For example:

  • +20V supply is set to +10V
  • -20V supply is set to -5V

Also, in this configuration, could one supply be turned ON or OFF independent of the other? 


If so, any special programming notes to set parameters such as these?


Thank you.


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Yes, the 4110 has three channels that are independent of each other each supplying a DC voltage. They can be programmed to values non complimentary of each other. You could program channel 1 to +10V and channel 2 to -5V then turn off channel 2 and only have channel 1 outputting +10V.


You can find examples for configuring current and voltage at the following link.



I hope this helps!

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Thank you for the comprehensive answer. 


I'll follow up here if I garner any additional knowledge on this. 

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