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PXI-4070 DMM in PXIe-1075 Chassis not found


I have a PXIe-1075 chassis and four PXI-4070 DMMs. I orginally had the four DMMs in slots 2,3, 4 & 5 but descided to move the modules around including two of the DMMs so they are in slots 16 and 17. When I did this the DMMs are not found in Measurement and Automation Explorer. If I remove the module in slot 3 (PXIe-2531) they will reappear. The main reason for moving the modules was to maximize through put because slots 2 through 4 share a PCIe switch (as do slots 15 through 18).


Slots 2 through 5 and 15 through 18 should be hybrid compatiable. Are there rules for mixing hybrid and PXIe modules?

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To resolve the issue I moved the MXI cable on the computer side to another channel which apparently forced the software to reconfigure itself.


Wish there was another way to force the system to reconfigure itself.

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I don't know about the original problem, but you can get the reconfiguration effect in device manager.  Open device manager, select view->by connection, and then start expanding things until you find your device.  On my Windows 7 PC the hierarchy starts with something like [computerName]->[ACPI x64-based PC]->[Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System]->[PCI bus]->[something Root Port]->[PCI standard PCI-to-PCI bridge]...


Go to the PCI-to-PCI bridge listed under the root port and above the devices in your chassis, right-click and select "uninstall".  Open Measurement and Automation Explorer and delete the devices (they should be non-present).  Then either reboot or go to device manager's munu item action->scan for hardware changes.  That should cause Windows to re-find all your devices.


- Robert 

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