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PXI-4065 resistance varies between chassis

We tested this particular card using external resistance standards and it failed multiple ranges. These same failures were verified by another outside organization. We sent the card to NI for alignment and their as-found data indicates the resistance is good (but AC V is out of tolerance). Putting the card back into the original chassis, we get a resistance failure. When we swapped to another local chassis, the resistance works great.


We're new to using PXI cards. Does anyone have any explanations/recommendations? Appreciate the assist!



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Hi JAllent,


1. When these same failures were verified by another organization, was that still in the original chassis in which you observed the resistance failures?

2. Do you see that the resistance measurement varies in all slots of that chassis or just in one? 

3. What were the models of the chassis (for both good & bad resistance measurements) that you used?


It'll be important to clarify if the problem follows the card itself, one particular slot, the chassis in any slot, etc.


Hope this helps!




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