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PXI-4056 NI-DMM soft front Panel error – 1074118656

This is a new, Windows 10, 64 bits PC. PXI-4065 is passed the self-test, but NI-DMM soft Front panel failed to launch. Everything else works fine. Any suggestion or commands are appreciated.

BTW, Chassis and NI PXIs worked fine on Windows 7, 32 bits.



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Looking at this error, a common cause is having an incorrect Instrument Descriptor. Can you verify the name in IVI resources?


A way to modify the logical name of the the instrument is resting the NI MAX Configuration Database which will force MAX to look for connected devices in that moment.


How to Fix or Reset the NI MAX Database File


Does resetting the database allow you to launch the Soft Front Panel successfully?



Jacob C.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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Hi Jacob,


Thank you for the fast reply and instruction.

The NI-DMM soft front panel is launched successfully after I reset the NI MAX data following instruction from the link above.  


Thanks a lot.

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Glad this information was helpful to your solution! If you can mark the post above as a solution, it will help others down the road.


Have a great day!

Jacob C.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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If you have more than 1 USB-4065 and you swap them for calibration purposes; ensure you check the "Device Name" and ensure that the correct 4065 is selected.  if you are not use what the system calls your 4605,  go to the Device Name dropdown and see what options you have and try them.

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