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PXI-1045 Daisy Chaining

Hi Everyone,
I wanted to get confirmation that this will work and I am ordering the right parts.

I am currently using a PXI-1045 chassis with an embedded SBC in Slot0. I need more PXI expansion slots than the chassis has (17), so I want to daisy chain 2 additional PXI-1045 chassis.

My plan is to get:
2x additional PXI-1045 chassis
2x PXI-8367 - PXI Bus Extension Module
2x PXI-8368 - PXI Remote control Module
2x NI Fiber Optic Cable

The PXI-8367 would go into the expansion slot, the PXI-8368 would go in slot0 of the expansion PXI-1045 chassis, and they would connect over fiber. I would get a total of 48 PXI expansin slots.

Would this require any drivers or changes to software to work? Or would it be transparent and PXI cards in the expansion slots would just show up as PCI devices?

I'm guessing the order of power-on would be important? You'd need to turn on the expansion chassis first before the the PXI-1045 with the host/embedded PC?


I've attached a diagram to try to show what I am doing.


Your help is much appreciated.


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That should work as you've described.  Both of the secondary chassis must be powered up before the host, and everything will show up as additional PCI devices.  Nothing additional is required for the boards to show up and get drivers, but if you want the chassis to be identified in MAX then Platform Services will need to be at least as new as the 8367/8368.


Your diagram makes sense logically, but it's better to put both PXI-8367s in the first segment of the first chassis for PCI latency and bandwidth reasons (e.g. slots 2 and 3 of the host chassis).  You're not getting any additional bandwidth from the host computer, so if your application involves streaming data you'll want to step carefully.


- Robert

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